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Learning Objectives

Mountain View Academy strives to provide the best Christ-centered education
for your student. Thru our Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs),
we can measure how we are doing in achieving that mission.
Students will improve spiritually, as evidenced by:
  • Respect for God
  • Ability to explain personal spiritual beliefs
  • Observable Christ-like behavior
  • Participation in Christ-centered classes and activities
Students will improve intellectually, as evidenced by:
  • Application of critical thinking skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Grades and alternative assessment results
  • Standardized testing scores
Students will improve physically, as evidenced by:
  • Standardized fitness test results
  • Development of a life-long fitness program
  • Participation in physical activities
  • The practice of a healthful lifestyle
Students will improve socially, as evidenced by:
  • Respect for self, others, and the environment
  • Culturally sensitive interactions within a diverse community
  • Participation in school sponsored activities
  • Involvement in Community/Mission Service

"And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and men." Luke 2:52