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International Club

One of the most exciting organizations at Mountain View Academy is our International Club. 
  • We have students in the program from countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Korea. 

  • These students come to Mountain View Academy from a wide variety of cultures, religions, and beliefs.
The purpose of International Club is to provide these students with a feeling of family—a home away from home.  Ms. Martinez, ELD Director, encourages our International students, offers homework help, and organizes fun events such as the annual Christmas party.
  • The highlight of the International Club is an event known as International Week, which takes place each February.

  • Every day in chapel during International Week, American students and International students celebrate their cultures through special music, prayers in many languages, and cultural videos.

  • The culmination of the week is a school-wide cultural fashion show on Friday.  We are truly a multifaceted body of cultures, and it is exciting to celebrate our diverse tapestry known as the “MVA family”.    

Come join other International students in experiencing cultural diversity through various yearly activities. Here at MVA we welcome all international students as members of our family.